The Squeezebox Trio (with friends) on stage

The Squeezebox Trio

The Squeezebox Trio have been upholding the Django Reinhardt feel without holding too tightly onto tradition. They’ve played Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues dancing functions all over Australia’s east coast and both islands of New Zealand. Featuring Michael O’Donnell on swing fiddle, Javen Sanchez on acoustic guitar and Luke Chapman on upright bass, the three old friends overlay some lovely three-part harmony on their hard swing feel.

Dancers can expect a carefully prepared set-list of 1930s jazz repertoire with appropriate dance tempos… that the band then throws away and starts improvising to their heart's content. See you on the floor!


Darlington Jazz

Darlington Jazz formed in 2015 out of a music performance class, when they discovered a shared passion for jazz music. Since then Darlington Jazz has performed in many venues across Sydney and love to keeping people entertained and dancing.

Specialising in the sounds of the 1930s and 40s, you will be delighted by the musical talents of Boris (double Bass), Isabella (vocals), John (drums) and Rusty (Piano). Whether you’re a lover of Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag or Blues, there’ll be something for everyone.

Boris says that for him, his love of the music comes from:
“….the interplay between the individual musicians, between the band and the audience and the between the audience itself. It brings everyone together to share a truly unique connected moment. It's magic and there is nothing I love more than laying down a groove and dancing with people to it! I guess that's also what I love about jazz, that little bit of magic which occurs when a group of people, friends and/or strangers get together, improvise and create a work of art that lasts a moment."


SSF DJs Justine, Merilyn, Dean, Max, Scott and Fabien

Sydney Swing Festival 2019 features four of Sydney's favourite DJs!

  • Justine Kinkade
  • Merilyn Pidgeon 
  • Max Pogonowski 
  • Dean Badelles

Plus special guests Scott Cupit (UK) and Fabien Vrillon (France)!