Lisa Clarke and Fabien Vrillon swinging out

Lisa Clarke and Fabien Vrillon

Lisa and Fabien met in Herrang, Sweden in 2010 and have been teaching and dancing together ever since. Coming from different backgrounds they both bring their own particular expertise, talents, and enthusiasm to the partnership. 

Fabien comes from Grenoble, France and has been teaching swing dancing since 2004, specializing in lindy hop and blues. His love of choreography has led him to choreograph a number of successful showcases performed at ILHC and other events, as well as the recent ‘French Connection’ Team that placed 2nd at ILHCand ESDC.

Lisa is a professional dancer from London, now living in France. Classically trained from the age of 6 she discovered her love for all styles of dance whilst studying for her degree in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre. After leaving college she worked professionally in the commercial dance world, specializing in hip-hop. She then discovered and fell in love with lindy hop and blues and has immersed herself in all things swing ever since.

Their fun natured teaching style, paired with their ability to break down a movement means their classes are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing. Constantly pushing themselves in their own dancing means they understand the work that goes into becoming a better dancer and are passionate about sharing their experiences and helping others to achieve their goals.

Together and separately they have competed and placed in many competitions, including placing 3rd in the ILHC Pro Showcase 2017, and 1st in the Open Showcase and 3rd in the Classic Open at ILHC 2016. They were also European Swing dance Champions in the Slow Lindy division in 2013, and placed 2nd in 2015. 

Anna van Dijk and Chris Sutton dancing

Anna van Dijk and Chris Sutton

This Melbourne based pair have travelled extensively for the dance, teaching workshops and picking up trophies from all over Europe: from Norway to Greece to France to Poland and more. They are now back in Melbourne teaching weekly at Swing Patrol Fitzroy as well as working with performance groups Hot Jam and Echoes of Harlem.

Anna’s early love of music and movement developed into an extensive passion for swing dance and authentic jazz. Understanding body movement and expression is a key influence for Anna, and is joyfully embodied in both her teaching and performance style. Sharing authentic body movement and rhythm with her students, Anna is always seeking to build positive and empowering environments for people to explore the dance. 

Chris is passionate about playfulness, personal expression and rhythm, but also loves swinging out fast and flying! He has been inspired by the dancers and musicians of the Savoy era. What Chris loves about teaching is developing well-rounded Lindy-hoppers with an appreciation for the African American jazz roots of the dance.