Level Descriptions

There will be two learning streams available at SSF 2019. To decide which workshop level is right for you, read the following guidelines and level descriptions carefully. If you’re still not sure which level you should be in, have a chat with your regular teachers. Remember that doing a more advanced level than you are ready for will not make you a more advanced dancer and may slow down the teaching for the rest of the class.

Please note that if the workshop teachers or SSF organisers feel you are not in an appropriate level, they may move you into a level that is better suited to giving you the tools you need to become a better dancer.


Harbour Bridge (classes held at Redfern Town Hall)

You have probably been dancing swing for one - two years and know foundation lindy hop moves (6-beat, charleston, 8-beat lindy hop). You feel comfortable with the basics and have started to put the moves together and go out social dancing. It's time to build your vocabulary and really work on some lead/follow skills and some fancy footwork to make your dancing swing. You would benefit from developing your technical skills further. It's also time to start working on connecting to the music. You may be doing Level 1-2 classes in your local area and are ready to build on what you know.


Sydney Tower (classes held at Redfern Community Centre)

You have probably been dancing swing for more than two years, go social dancing regularly, and are very comfortable dancing lindy hop socially at a variety of speeds, moving in and out of 8-beat lindy hop, 6-beat and charleston with ease. You are skilled in leading and/or following, you can improvise and be creative on the dance floor, and you’re ready for complex footwork, sequences, rhythms and concepts. You are exploring solo movement and can incorporate jazz steps into your partner dancing. Your passion for lindy hop may have inspired you to train with other dancers in a group doing choreography or training for competition. You’re ready for the challenge of learning at a more advanced pace, improving your technique and quality of movement.


Both class groups will cover valuable new content and ideas not regularly taught in Sydney, and all participants will get a lot from our teachers in each level. Please ensure you (and your fellow participants) get the most out of your weekend by selecting the level that is most appropriate for you!